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[IP] Melissa Davis

If I were in your shoes, I'd drop everything and I'd call the pump reps to find a doc who supports putting your child on a pump.  Check the stats on the insulin pump page about how many children from 3 on up are successfully wearing a pump.  Drop your doc and find one who provides the service you want.  It is in the best interest of your child. 
Course, that  just my opinion!

Bonnie Richardson
 Huntsville, AL
256-922-1512, ext 1805

>>> "Randall Winchester" <email @ redacted> 11/11 11:01 AM >>>
> Thanks Michael!  This doc seems to think it's an awful lot of trouble and he'd
> rather see kids on 4 shots a day!  He also said that this kind of
> responsibility is too much for an 8 year old to handle, which catches a mom
> right in the guilt department!  He also said that we'd never seen all the
> documentation of the kids who didn't do well on the pump and failed on it!  He
> made it sound like alot and when we asked to see it, he couldn't produce it
> but said it'd been his experience that small kids don't do well on the pump! 
> I am so confused by this attitude and wonder what we can possibly say to
> someone like this!  I'm just glad he's only the partner!  We'll be talking to
> our regular doctor this week!

Ask the doc why it's easier to have a kid causing themselves trauma four times 
a day instead of every three days.  Ask why it's easier to impose a diet and 
schedule regime that for normal kids would constitute child abuse...  Ask why 
it's easier to treat that child after complications than before...  Ask if he 
is really concerned about the child and their life or if he is just a control 
freak who likes to torture kids and adults with an impossible regime...

Ask if he's ever tried to live by the treatment protocols he imposes - no 
sleeping late, no candy or unscheduled meals.  Always eat on schedule and if 
anything goes wrong, get yelled at by those in authority....  I bet if he tried 
to live by the regime he'd be crying for a pump in a few weeks... 

Randall P. Winchester
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