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[IP] Parents of Kid Pumpers!


Laura is now into almost a month of pumping and we are slowly working out the
kinks but one area I am still struggling in is how to handle the noon bolus at
school.  Laura is 8 years old and at this point her and I together make the
decisions as t o how much to bolus at a meal.  However, most times she is
"darn good" at pegging the right amount of insulin to take.  She knows how to
count carbs and she also to have a good instinct towards it as well.

Currently, I go to the school everyday at noon to stand there while she checks
her BS levels and discuss her bolus.   I don't mind doing this and will
continue doing this as long as necessary but if anyone has a solution to this
I would love to hear it.  I have done this everyday since school started and
if there would be another solution that is easier I would sure appreciate it.
Incidentally, I pack her a 45 carb lunch everyday.  

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