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[IP] Hurray, hurray I'm on my way...

     Just got notification that my 507C pump will be shipped 'shortly'.
     Any 507 --> 507C upgraded people:
     1] Are there any warnings I should know about
     2] Any hidden features I want to make use of
     3] Any hidden problems I DON'T want to make use of
     4] Any 'special' functions I should watch out for
     Will report back on my 12th pump (I think...one day I'll write down 
     all the pumps I've ever used...)
     By the way: Does ANYONE have either a REAL, a picture or a manual of 
     any of the 'anceint' (larger than current life size) pumps??
     I am getting ready to write a 'history of pumping' and would 
     appreciate anything anyone has...
     ALSO: if anyone has an 'in' with either Minimed or disitronix (I know 
     there are a few support and users out there associated with these 
     companies) PLEASE ask your service people if any of these anceint 
     animals were turned in and still exist.  I just want to photo them and 
     write about their 'features' (or abscence thereof) (like the wonderful 
     method we programmed basal rates on the original AutoSyringe 6 pumps: 
     we diluted insulin to prepare a batch which would deliver THE correct 
     rate at the preprogrammed rate of the pump).
     email @ redacted
     please send direct to me any responce since I don't think the majority 
     of list is as old as those of us who know about these anceint 

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