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[IP] Re: my best hemoglobin ever

<< 7.3!  For me, an all-time low. >>


This is great!  I'm hoping my next one will be better than my last... I've
gone through a major overhaul this fall.  My last one was 7.0 BUT the
reference range from the lab was 4.1 to 5.7 being normal. (they just switched
to a new test...)  I get my next test in a month.

How's school going now?  Are you going to continue?  I've already registered
for next semester, 12 credits or 4 classes:

Non-Fiction writing
American Literature, 20th century
Intro to Literary Studies
Intro to Linguistics

I'm looking forward to it, these will all apply directly to my major.  Finals
for this semester are in a month.  It has really been going fast.  I think my
current favorite course is History, I'm learning all kinds of new stuff.  The
instructor is 70 years old but he loves teaching this subject and it shows.  

Hope things are going better for you now.  What is the status of that suicidal
guy you were corresponding with?

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