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Re: [IP] Gonna get me some new sites

Judy, Amanda's mom, is worried about absorbtion problems with the abdomen over
time.  I have been injecting mainly into the abdomen since 1960 or 61, and
have never had a problem there (the last 12 years of so it has been 4 or more
shots a day).  However, during both my pregnancies I had problems with the
thighs (and maybe at other times earlier that I didn't figure out the problem
-- as a child I used the thigh a lot).  My suspicion from this is that if you
are prone to have problems in a place, it may return (there were almost 3
years between my pregnancies).  I have always been very careful to alternate
sites, and think of my abdomen as a grid of 18 squares (well, I am a lot
bigger than your 5 year old), but with the 5 or 6 injections in the last year
I was sometimes back to the same square in 3 days.

Linda Zottoli
diagnosed age 8 in 1955, pumping since Oct 22
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/