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Re: [IP] one word for Tina

Dear Fran,

Thank you for sharing your experience. I didn't know my query would raise
so much controversy (compared to some of the other topics <g>). I still
think that, squeamishness aside, this is a relatively insensitive area of
the body, except for the nipples themselves, and site could also be
positioned discreetly. And, as you mentioned, it could give the belly area
a rest. I've tried other areas and found them unsatisfactory -- either they
are hard to reach or not enough fatty layer. So up til now I have lived
with a stomach area that sometimes looks pretty irritated.

Let's be objective about any part of the body that could be useful.

>OK, I'll be brave.  A doctor suggested to me to use breast tissue prior to
>on the pump.  I gave injections there until I went on the pump.  Now for three
>weeks, well almost, this is my sight of choice and mind you I am no Dolly
>Parton.  When the doc first mentioned it, I thought hmm strange.  But, gee's
>with my stomach in such a mess it was a welcome suggestion.

Tina Farrell
Writing, Editing, Design
email @ redacted

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