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[IP] Feeling Better

Hey Guys and Gals,

              First, I want to say thank you to all of you sweet
people for your words of wisdom and support. I could not have done
this without your help. I am feeling so much better. It has been 6
full days of pumping. The best days I have had since 1987 when I was
first dx. with this condition. My headaches are gone and so is the
sick feeling. My bg's have not been any higher than 9 mmol/L which is
excellent for me because I was always running in the high teens or
high twenties and I haven't had hardly any lows in the past four days.
I have alot more energy and I am not tired like before. I mean, I was
ready for bed at 6:00 PM before pumping and look - it's 8:00 PM and I
am still rearing to go. This god sent machine is so wonderful. It's
been only six days but I am feeling gooooood! Thanks for all of your
words of encouragement and advice. It's been a big help.
               I also bought a new glucose machine - AccuSoft
Manager. What a fantastic machine. No more need to write out your
results or anything. This machine records basal rates, boluses, highs,
lows, graphs, averages your results -that's just to name some of what
this does.

                I am enjoying pumping very much. My moods and spirit
have seen a brighter side. Thanks to Michael for the tip on the
carbohydrate chart. It's a good one and is worth looking into.

                All of you guys are great. The help given here is a

 Happy pumper for 6 days,

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