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     Tuesday November 10, 4:31 pm Eastern Time
     Company Press Release
     Inhale Reports Beginning of Phase III Trials for Inhaled Insulin
     SAN CARLOS, Calif.--(BW HealthWire)--Nov. 10, 1998--Inhale Therapeutic 
     Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:INHL - news) today reported that Pfizer 
     Inc.(NYSE:PFE - news) announced the beginning of Phase III clinical 
     trials to test the systemic delivery of insulin through the lungs 
     using Inhale's pulmonary delivery system. 
     Phase III trials were kicked off with an investigators meeting held 
     Nov. 7-9, and will be followed with recruitment, enrollment and dosing 
     of patients. The trials are projected to include Type 1 and Type 2 
     diabetics at 117 sites. 
     Inhale and Pfizer have been developing a pulmonary delivery system for 
     insulin to address the need for a non-invasive delivery system. Phase 
     II results have demonstrated that inhaled insulin is as effective as 
     regular injectable insulin and that addition of inhaled insulin 
     produces significantly better control for patients not well-controlled 
     on oral agents. The Phase III trials will further evaluate clinical 
     efficacy and safety within an expanded patient population at 
     geographically dispersed clinical study sites. 
     ``We believe that pulmonary insulin could provide a major improvement 
     in therapy for diabetics. The initiation of the Phase III clinical 
     trials, combined with the recent agreements between Pfizer and 
     Hoechst, are important steps as we move toward commercialization,'' 
     said Robert Chess, Co-CEO of Inhale. 
     Pfizer recently announced worldwide agreements with Hoechst Marion 
     Roussel AG to co-develop and co-promote the inhalable insulin product 
     based on Inhale's pulmonary delivery system. Inhale will use 
     recombinant insulin supplied by Hoechst Marion Roussel for producing 
     the dry powder insulin for Phase III trials. 
     Inhale's pulmonary delivery system administers fine, dry aerosol 
     powders to the deep lung. From the deep lung, the aerosolized insulin 
     is transported through the lung tissue to the bloodstream for systemic 
     Inhale, located in San Carlos, Calif., is developing pulmonary 
     delivery systems to enable a range of drugs, including peptides and 
     proteins, to be delivered by the pulmonary route for systemic and 
     local lung indications. The company has six drugs in human clinical 
     trials using its delivery system and has feasibility and development 
     partnerships with several pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical 
     technology companies, including Pfizer, Lilly, Baxter and Centeon. 
     This release contains forward-looking statements that reflect 
     management's current views as to the company's collaborative 
     arrangements, clinical trials, product developments, manufacturing 
     scale-up, and other future events and operations. These 
     forward-looking statements involve uncertainties and other risks that 
     are detailed in Inhale's reports and other filings with the SEC, 
     including its Form 10-K for the year ending Dec. 31, 1997. Actual 
     results could differ materially from these forward-looking statements. 

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