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Re: [IP] one word for Tina


Thank you for the information.  I wish I had a doctor with an "intact ego", but I
don't believe there is such a thing in Arizona.  I wish I could make this short
and sweet but I can't.  I moved to AZ a little over a year ago.  I attempted to
get connected with a physician.  ( I had a wonderful endo in WA, who really
couldn't enthusiastically recommend anyone here.  He also asked me to consider not
moving ).  Anyway a year later, visited over 24 physicians, being black balled in
the medical community, I have seen a Dr. Verso once and hope and pray I can work
with her and that she doesn't catch wind of my "fight" attitude.  I could provide
you with 100's of pages of documentation as to what I've been through and every
politician, agency, I have contacted.  Anyway, I see Dr. Verso next week and I am
hoping all goes well and that I can bring some concerns up with her.  I am
basically doing the pump / diabetes on my own these days.  My partner has come
with me to appointments, as my witness and as my support.  He too has been shocked
at what he's heard come out of the mouths of these physicians.  I believe they're
intimidated by my level of knowledge, which actually after less than a week of
being connected to this site have learned a ton, which is a really sad statement
about the physicians in AZ.  If it weren't for people like you, my level of
knowledge, and still having contact with my physician in WA, I'd probably be dead.

So, anyone out there who lives in AZ and has a physician who is willing to work
with you rather than dictate to you, I would love to know who it is.  In addition,
thank you Renee and I thank all of you that have provided me with so much
information in such a short amount of time.  It's so nice having this network of
support and knowledge.  And yes for those of you professionals, I know I need a
physician and I will cross my fingers that Dr. Verso is the one or I will continue
my search.

I agree 100 % that we must be Proactive Patients, now we just need those doctors
to let go of their egos.

Again, thank you Renee.  I will ask my doc up in WA and will present it to the AZ
doc and see what reaction I get from her.


email @ redacted wrote:

> Fran:
>    As someone previously mentioned, the possibility of creating scar tissue
> that could potentially interfere with a mammogram down the road makes me VERY
> nervous.  Having endured treatment for breast cancer this year & having gotten
> extremely involved in the AOL breast cancer message board, I am now "older &
> wiser" and know that 10% of the women diagnosed are under age 40. In fact, I
> just heard of 2 women in their mid-20s being diagnosed. Although your doctor
> may have authorized this, I'd recommend "running it by" your gynecologist or
> even a surgeon if you know any. I've heard far too many cases of mis-diagnoses
> & although mammograms can miss a tumor, there have been cases of women
> reporting that their tumor was "hidden" underneath scar tissue from prior
> procedures......Just some food for thought....And while I'm on my soapbox, for
> the men in this group, with 1 out of every 8 women being diagnosed, ask your
> wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, etc. if they've had their annual
> mammogram.  My cancer was detected in a 6 month follow-up exam because my gyn.
> happened to be very vigilant. Coupled with Melissa's kidney saga, where (G-d
> willing) the early intervention of Vasotec to dramatically reduce her
> proteinuria will preclude mega-kidney problems down the road, I'm now a
> confirmed advocate for PROACTIVE PATIENTS!!!!  A doctor with an "intact ego"
> should WELCOME your educated, informed, input. "nuf said!!
> Renee
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