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Re: [IP] Gonna get me some new sites

> Bonnie:
>    Not sure about the absorption per se, but after not using her
>    stomach for
> about 8 months now, the hypertrophy that Melissa was upset about has
> definitely improved.  She actually prefers insering into the "love
> handle" area on her back hip, so you might want to consider trying
> there.

Ditto for Lily. She does exactly the same, following Melissa's lead. 
She now rotates the sites between front and back using Tenders in 
back, SofSets in front. Tummy only gets hit once every week and then 
only one spot. She did not use her abdomen for about 3-4 months and 
there was a significant decrease in hypertrophy during that time. 
Can't say as I've really noticed lately, but I think the hypertrophy 
has continued to diminish or is gone now. She uses a fairly large 
area on her hip/backside to do insertions, much larger than the 2-3 
inch spots on her abdomen.

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