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Re: [IP] one word for Tina

   As someone previously mentioned, the possibility of creating scar tissue
that could potentially interfere with a mammogram down the road makes me VERY
nervous.  Having endured treatment for breast cancer this year & having gotten
extremely involved in the AOL breast cancer message board, I am now "older &
wiser" and know that 10% of the women diagnosed are under age 40. In fact, I
just heard of 2 women in their mid-20s being diagnosed. Although your doctor
may have authorized this, I'd recommend "running it by" your gynecologist or
even a surgeon if you know any. I've heard far too many cases of mis-diagnoses
& although mammograms can miss a tumor, there have been cases of women
reporting that their tumor was "hidden" underneath scar tissue from prior
procedures......Just some food for thought....And while I'm on my soapbox, for
the men in this group, with 1 out of every 8 women being diagnosed, ask your
wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, etc. if they've had their annual
mammogram.  My cancer was detected in a 6 month follow-up exam because my gyn.
happened to be very vigilant. Coupled with Melissa's kidney saga, where (G-d
willing) the early intervention of Vasotec to dramatically reduce her
proteinuria will preclude mega-kidney problems down the road, I'm now a
confirmed advocate for PROACTIVE PATIENTS!!!!  A doctor with an "intact ego"
should WELCOME your educated, informed, input. "nuf said!!

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