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Re: [IP] Oh no!!!!

Kasey wrote:


>I would very much appreciate some feedback from those of you on the pump
>that don't see an endo, but just see a regular 'ole doctor for your
>diabetes care.  We may end up going that route.

I've only seen an endo once in over 41 years. (I may have seen one in my
youth, but I can't remember the details). My physician for the past 17
years or so is an internist. He's excellent, very knowledgeable about
diabetes, pretty knowledgeable about pumps (I know more than he does about
pumping, but we work well together). He headed the diabetes clinic at a
local facility for years and is well regarded by most of the other medical
professionals in the area. In short, I find him fully qualified and an
excellent team member.

I try to plan ahead when possible. During the past two years, I've tried to
keep my eyes and ears open for references to good endos. I figured
eventually I might need to work with one as my needs changed. That time has
arrived, and my primary physician has provided me with some excellent
feedback about my initial endo choices.

I think its very important to have a team that works well together. An
excellent endo is not all that useful to me if I can't communicate with him
/ her, or they don't work well with the other members of my team, etc. If
they are dogmatic, non flexible and don't have time for my many questions,
we'll never work well together. The diploma doesn't help this situation.

This is an area where YDWV - "Your Doc Will Vary". If you're able to find
one who will work with you, answer your questions, treat you like an
intelligent person, and be willing to say "I don't know - let's ask someone
else", you've probably found a keeper. I'd say it's worth keeping your eyes
and ears open though, just in case. I always like to have a plan in reserve.

Bob Burnett

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