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> Hello group!  I'm writing to those people who have been on the pump
> for a long time.  Is there a page on the insulin pumpers web site
> that tells us how long people have been pumping??? 

Yes, it in the members only area. Click the OVER 24,9000 button. All 
those members who have filled out an INFO form and indicated their 
willingness to have their names listed are on the list. I is quite 
long now and has some interesting stats. There are two sections, the 
first with contains length of time with diabetes, the second lists 
length of time on the pump. We have some 18 year veterans here!!

> I'm  interested
> in writing to people who have been pumping a very long time.  I
> really need to hear ALL the good AND BAD stories and problems that
> come with wearing the pump for many years.  I want to start my 5 yr.
> old pumping, but am worried about what problems she might have after
> pumping 15-20 years.  In her case she would still be so very young.
> Is scarring the only problems or concerns?????
> I really need your help.  I hear all the good and that makes me love
> the pump and want this for my daughter, but I really have to hear
> the negative stuff too.
> If you wouldn't mind e-mailing me privately, I would greatly
> appreciate it!
email @ redacted
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