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Hello group!  I'm writing to those people who have been on the pump for a long
time.  Is there a page on the insulin pumpers web site that tells us how long
people have been pumping???  I'm interested in writing to people who have been
pumping a very long time.  I really need to hear ALL the good AND BAD stories
and problems that come with wearing the pump for many years.  I want to start
my 5 yr. old pumping, but am worried about what problems she might have after
pumping 15-20 years.  In her case she would still be so very young. Is
scarring the only problems or concerns?????

I really need your help.  I hear all the good and that makes me love the pump
and want this for my daughter, but I really have to hear the negative stuff

If you wouldn't mind e-mailing me privately, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks so much.

-Judy  (Amanda's mom)
Amanda age 5
dx at 3 1/2
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/