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Re: [IP] am I that different

In a message dated 11/9/98 2:15:08 PM Mountain Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< My daily average of insullin is 85-90 units.
 My basal rates are as follows: midnight to 5am--3.4
                                              5am to 3pm--1.5
                                              3pm to midnight-- 3.0
 bolus is 1 unit for 8 grams of carbs
 I am type 2,  25 pounds overwieght,  being treated for depression and 
 have cardiomyopathy,  have sereral allergies.  
 from what i have read no one is using this much insulin.
 should i look for a different endo or ?????????
 any ideas woulbe greatly appricated(sp) >>

I don't use this much, but when I was started on my pump, my endo started
another patient who used close to 300 units a day.  They had to change all the
factory settings on his pump because the standard 10 unit maximum bolus just
wouldn't work for him.  Each of us is unique, and we need to do what is right
for us.  If your current regimin is working, not experiencing the roller-
coaster, then don't fight it.

Mary Jean
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