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Re: [IP] am I that different - NO, you're not

> My daily average of insullin is 85-90 units.
> My basal rates are as follows: midnight to 5am--3.4
>                                              5am to 3pm--1.5
>                                              3pm to midnight-- 3.0
> bolus is 1 unit for 8 grams of carbs
> I am type 2,  25 pounds overwieght,  being treated for depression and 
> have cardiomyopathy,  have sereral allergies.  
> from what i have read no one is using this much insulin.
> should i look for a different endo or ?????????
> any ideas woulbe greatly appricated(sp)

My 15 year old daughter uses that much during the summer when she is 
not as physically active (no sports). What you want to look out for 
is over-insulinization. There are some conscious things you can do to 
avoid problems related to too much insulin use. 

Raise your target bg to the 120 - 150 range

Take positive steps to avoid 'any lows at all' even if it means 
running a little high after meals and having to correct with hbs 

Carefully profile your insulin requirements following the guidelines 
in "Pumping Insulin" or on the website and adjust your basals 

Some folks are more insulin resistant than others, however, repeated 
lows followed by rebounds will increase your insulin resistance 
according to Lily's endo, and will make you put on weight. 

Lily had some minor problems like this but succeeded in quickly 
lowering her insulin use by 10 - 15% by following those guidlines

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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/