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RE: [IP] Hey - where's your dot?

Why not use small black dots for those who have diabetes and other colors
for the rest?

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Michael, any chance of there being a "page 2" for the U.S. map that has
individual state maps?  Or something that would let one click on a state to
get a blowup of just that state?  My Street Atlas works that way, but I
don't know how all these internet maps work.

<<<<<<<<From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
> In a message dated 98-11-08 00:19:21 EST, you write:
> << And one person can be in one or more catagories
>  the question becomes, if we make different colors, what are they
>  and how do we catgorize dual (or triple) checkers.
>   >>
> Sounds like an unsolvable problem to me. My apologies for creating a
> new problem.  It is more important for pumping members to know where
> other members are. I don't need a dot. Barbara B.

We were using size 4 dots, but the map became too crowded. The size 3
dot is being used now and is the smallest available and is only in
the colors shown. As you can see, the most visible is 'red' with most
of the others  pretty bad. The larger dot colors are more visible,
but they take too much room for "persons with diabetes", but possibly
could be used for the other catagories that have a much lower density
and are probably spread out more. However, there could be problems
using a larger dot for these catagories because in highly populated
areas, it would tend to obscure the small dots. Just rambling, would
like some feed back.



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