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Re: [IP] am I that different

I posted my profile several months ago and haven't gotten involved much
but I have been reading what everybody else writes.
My daily average of insullin is 85-90 units.
My basal rates are as follows: midnight to 5am--3.4
                                             5am to 3pm--1.5
                                             3pm to midnight-- 3.0
bolus is 1 unit for 8 grams of carbs
I am type 2,  25 pounds overwieght,  being treated for depression and 
have cardiomyopathy,  have sereral allergies.  
from what i have read no one is using this much insulin.
should i look for a different endo or ?????????
any ideas woulbe greatly appricated(sp)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/