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[IP] Support in the Senate?

Apparently this is a quote from Senator Pete Domenici in the Albuquerque
Journal of 11/9/98.


Diabetes kills one American every three minutes. A new case is diagnosed
every 40 seconds and more than 16 million Americans have diabetes, yet 5.4
million are not even aware of it. There is no cure.

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, and as many of us in New
Mexico know too well, diabetes is a very common disease affecting our
friends, neighbors, and loved ones. It affects all ages and races, but has
become epidemic in American Indian communities.

In 1950, there were virtually no reported cases of diabetes among the
Navajo population. Today, at least two of every five Navajos over age 45
have diabetes. By 2012, it has been predicted that almost every member of
the Navajo Nation over age 45 will have the disease. These statistics are
staggering, and we must work together to find a cure.

According to a nationwide survey, conducted by Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
International(JDF), 75 percent of Americans do not understand the deadly
impact of the disease. More than 38 percent of Americans think insulin
makes diabetes harmless. Insulin, however, is not a cure, but merely life
support. It does not stop disease-related complications like blindness,
kidney failure, heart disease, stroke or non-traumatic amputations. ...

Aside from its lethal consequences, diabetes is our nation's single most
costly, chronic disease, accounting for $98 billion in annual U.S.
health-care costs. One out of every five Medicare dollars goes to pay for
health care for diabetics.

Without a known cure, our only hope lies with research. This year in
Congress, I supported legislation providing an additional $2 billion in
funding for medical research supported by National Institutes of Health, an
increase of 15 percent over last year's level and the largest funding
increase in NIH history. But this is only one key step in helping NIH to
expand substantially its diabetes research portfolio. I am committed to
providing more funding for medical research to find a cure, but you too
have a responsibility in the fight against this dreadful disease.

This November, I urge you to ask your doctor about diabetes, especially if
someone in your family has already been diagnosed. Get involved in the
community by joining a local JDF Chapter or by signing-up for the annual
JDF "Walk to Cure Diabetes." I've supported the Albuqurque walk this year
by organizing a walk team to help raise funds to fight this terrible
disease. If we all work together, we can make a difference and find a cure
for diabetes, which claims the lives of far too many people we love and
cherish. ...

Washington, DC
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/