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[IP] Oh no!!!!

I just found out that Kayla's endo (who is the most wonderful doctor
ever) may no longer be her endo!  Argh.  :(   I heard in a roundabout
way that something was amiss at the office, so I called to make sure her
appointment for Thursday was still on.  I was told that Kayla would be
seeing a different doctor and that her doctor that we love may not be
coming back.  That was it.  How's that for a punch in the chest?  My
biggest worry is that the other 2 doctors aren't as pro-pump and I'm
already driving 2 hours to see this guy.  There is no one in our area
that sees the little ones and is propump.

We pretty much know what we are doing now and don't really touch base
with him except for that 3 month checkup.  But still, I like that
security blanket...knowing he's there if we have a problem that we don't
know how to handle.

I would very much appreciate some feedback from those of you on the pump
that don't see an endo, but just see a regular 'ole doctor for your
diabetes care.  We may end up going that route.

Kayla's mom
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/