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[IP] Problem

   I disagree with all the advice to Scott about changing his eating
habits.  Sounds like comfort food (eggs, sausage and hash browns)  to me
and I'm not into anymore self-sacrificng than I already do -- as a
person with diabetes, wife, mother, pet owner, employee, citizen, etc.
When I eat something like Scott's meal ( or pizza!), I usually take 1 to
1.5 units of insulin over a 1 to 2 hour square wave bolus.  Wake up in
the a.m. with a blood sugar of 80 - 100.  Of course, the old standby --
YMMV.  But nonetheless,  it can be dealt with without giving up the joys
of sausage and hash browns.  (Makes me hungry just to think aobut them!)


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