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Re: [IP] Problem

First thanks for all the help. Thats what makes this place great. Now a
bit about me. I am the exact opposite of most all here. I work
graveyard. I work 8pm til about 4am. You would be surprised how my body
works after 18 years a 'Vampire'. My bedtime is anywhere from 5-8am and
I sleep til about 1-2:30pm. So when I go to bed I usualy have been
fasting for at least 4-5 hours. Thats why the big meal. Also remember
they wanted me to put salt on ALL my food including snacks at the
Hospital <snicker> because my blood pressure is on the low side. So
bring on the fat... LOL
  Now if I can stop the aches and pains and tingles here and there.
<sigh> Those bother me and Seems to be worse now that I am under
control. Maybe need to increase exercise.. Hmmm anyway I have babbled

Scott <G>

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