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Re: [IP] Cannela Clogged ~~~~~(2)

> would guess that she is barely going in 30 degrees at best and probably more
> like 25 degrees or so.    In trying to eliminate all variables we changed to

sounds like you're doing everything right. my .02 worth would be that 
maybe because she is so thin, the insertion angle should be even less. 
Sometimes it looks like Lily only just gets her Tenders underneath the skin. 
However, she does not use them in front, she only uses sofsets there. She 
inserts the Tenders in the area on her back just at the top of her 
buttocks. More meat there....
I'm pretty sure if it is too deep, you can encounter problems like you have 
described, but I'm only 'recalling' what I've read on the list. Lily has 
only had one episode like this some time ago and it was with a SofSet 
that was deep enough to be hurting her. If finally quit working for her 
and when she removed it, it had some white 'stuff' in the end of the 
cannula. She's pretty sure it was down into muscle tissue from the way it 

Hopefully you will get some additional feed back from some skinny adult 
Tender users.

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