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Re: [IP] Problem

I have this problem when I eat late dinners.  There is carbs in sausage and
eggs (more in the sausage than the eggs, and how much will depend on what
kind of sausage, but additionally the fat you use or that are in them will
delay your carb action or cause later fat action -- I've heard this
explained both ways, my later fat high bgs always seem to exceed their carb
value but I've been told that that is not scientifically what happens so ok,
either way.  A thorough food counts book might give you the numbers).  Try
eating high carb, low or no fat and very moderate protein after whatever
time at night starts the problem.  For me, anything after 7 PM will have
some effect on my 2AM-7AM bgs and so on.  After 8 I cut back, after 9 a
little more and after 10 I try to avoid all fat and most protein and large
intakes of carbs.   You can also try way upping your basal rate to double or
triple the amount (need to get the timing and amounts right though so this
will take a few or more days of messing up).  If you have the minimed 507C
(I don't) I believe you can square wave for this although I don't know how
long you can run the square wave for or what the formula is.  You should get
up during the night to blood test (once at the most troubled hour if you are
reasonably sure it worked and more until you can pinpoint where it starts to
rise and how many units of bolus you are compensating with).  The longer you
have been diabetic and more complications you have, the longer the time
frame you will have to deal with (this is partly a result of autonomic
neuropathy that many people have at a low level).

Good luck.  Hope it gets better soon.


SBrown wrote:

>   I have run across a problem that has me shrugging my shoulders. I have
> a VERY High Basla rate while I sleep. I am at 1.1 while I sleep and
> usually awake about 110-170 which is not bad for me. Now the last 2
> mornings I have awoke at 265. I take a 'high' bolus as soon as I check
> my blood and down I come. So its not the Insulin. Not the site. Not and
> obstruction in the tubing which only leaves the food I eat prior to
> bedtime. The last 2 night I have eaten scrambled eggs and a link of
> sausage and a hash brown. I believe there is no counting the egg and
> sausage in carbs. Personally I am about tired of waking up and feeling
> like crap for an hour til the Bolus kicks in.. Any Ideas??
> Scott
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