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Re: [IP] Cannela Clogged ~~~~~(2)

In a message dated 11/8/98 11:23:30 PM Central Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< > Hello everyone,
 > Once again I am looking for advice.  Laura's bs levels have been
 > consistently high for too long now and I am slowly changing basals,
 Give us the whole scoop. 
 Kind of set,
 Kind of insulin,
 frequency of change
 location of infusion site, alternate sites you use
 amount of body fat (give us your best shot here)
 description of insertion procedure (angle, depth, whatever)

Ok here goes - - -  

She is using a Disetronic pump with a Tender Infusion Set.    She is using
Humalog and we are changing the set every 3 days.   She has only been pumping
for about 3 weeks now and we have used the lower abdomen until today and we
used an above the waist site.  Laura is bone thin (64 pounds and about 4'6"
tall)   She is doing hte insertin herself and her technique looks great but I
would guess that she is barely going in 30 degrees at best and probably more
like 25 degrees or so.    In trying to eliminate all variables we changed to
fresh insulin (i checked this by giving her an injection tonight and it
lowered her BS level from 463 to 255 in approximately an hours time).  

I hope this gives you all more info on this.   

Thanks again!   Sherri
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