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Re: [IP] Problem

>   I have run across a problem that has me shrugging my shoulders. I
>   have
> a VERY High Basla rate while I sleep. I am at 1.1 while I sleep and
> usually awake about 110-170 which is not bad for me. Now the last 2
> mornings I have awoke at 265. I take a 'high' bolus as soon as I
> check my blood and down I come. So its not the Insulin. Not the
> site. Not and obstruction in the tubing which only leaves the food I
> eat prior to bedtime. The last 2 night I have eaten scrambled eggs
> and a link of sausage and a hash brown. I believe there is no
> counting the egg and sausage in carbs. Personally I am about tired
> of waking up and feeling like crap for an hour til the Bolus kicks
> in.. Any Ideas??

Yep. Sometimes sausage has carbs, but I don't think it's that. Is 
your bed time variable?? If so, try haveing you night time high basal 
rate start about an hour later the the absolute latest you ever go to 
bed. Then, set a temporary basal rate when you really go to bed to 
cover you basal requirements until the fixed rate kicks in. My 
daughter does this, hers starts at 1:00 am, at 1.0u/hr. she may go to 
bed anytime from 10 to midnight, at which time she sets her temp to 
get her to 1:00. She will adjust the temp up or down depending on her 
got to bed bg's. If she's low, she may do none at all and let her 
evening rate (0.4u/hr) run by itself until 1:00 or if she is high, 
actually crank it up to 1.2 or 1.5 u/hr.

Second thought, do you get up at the same time. If you find a high 
when you sleep in, you may be triggering dawn effect that wouldn't 
normally appear if you were up and active at an earlier hour. Like 
the above example, you can accomodate that by tweaking basals and 
then under-bolusing for you morning meal on normal (early)days, or 
some scheme like that.

As far as the pre-bed time snack, unless you have fasted for at leat 
3 1/2 to 4 hours before hitting the sack, you really don't know what 
your bg's are going to be in another couple of hours. You have to 
have a really vanilla snack close to bed time to avoid this kind of 
problem. Toast, ice-cream, something predictable.

This may be entirely off-base, but it's all I could think of.

> Scott
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