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[IP] Cannela Clogged ~~~~~

Hello everyone,

Once again I am looking for advice.  Laura's bs levels have been consistently
high for too long now and I am slowly changing basals, boluses, etc.  However,
today when we changed her infusion set out we noticed that over half of the
cannela was clogged with a white, thick gook.   When we changed her on
Thursday we noticed the same thing but didn't think too much of it but now
since it has happened a second time and considering her BS levels are still
skyhigh I am wondering if anyone has a bit of advice or a suggestion.  

Tonight I finally gave her Humalog in an injection just to get hte BS levels
down but shouldn't have to considering it is a new infusion set.  Very
confused at this point. . .

Thanks,  Sherri
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