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Re: [IP] Compulsive Measureing

I have not found a spring scale with sufficient accuracy;
most are for higher weight limits and reading at the low end
is not too accurate.  Mine uses a 9V battery.
A lot of personal preference here; as long as what you've
got works for you!

<<Are you guys only talking about electronic scales?  I
think the one I'm
using is not electronic.  It's far more accurate than the
postal scale I
learned on as a kid.  Actually, my husband did the plate
test when I
brought it home (I guess that's something that those of you
who went the
hard science route learned along the way) and it passed.  Am
I missing
something?  Is there any reason an electronic scale is
better?  And anyway doesn't an electronic scale have to be
plugged in?
That could be a major hazard in already underspaced
overplugged kitchen.>>
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