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[IP] The dots on the map... the real truth

OK this is true confession time... I enlarged the pumpers map and found
that the dots are really plus signs (gasp). I was, needless to say,
horribly shocked and wounded by this accidental discovery. 

OK Michael, 'fess up. I personally don't really mind pluses. I am a very
tolerant person... but for safety's sake, let's please describe them
accurately. We certainly don't want any innocent pumpers to get all excited
about getting a "dot" on the map when in reality they are getting a "plus".
Although, I suppose this could make literal sense when we are told that we
will be "added" to the map. 

So, is it time for truth in advertising? I suppose that there are a lot of
pluses and minuses to changing this description. Is there any additional
input?   <vbg> 

(who is nonplussed by this revelation... and dotless in Oregon)
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