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Re: [IP] Do we have to call it a pump?

At 06:42 PM 11/8/98  Ted Quick wrote:
>Sam Skopp wrote:
>> At 06:54 AM 11/8/98  Ted Quick wrote:
>> >Joanne Spotten wrote:
>> >>
>> >> I love ICI, can I use it?
>> >
>> >Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) might have something to say
>> >about
>> >that :^}
>> >
>> >Oh well, at least it's not a comparable industry!
>> Since we are not in direct business competition, I don't think
>> that anyone else would care if we also use ICI. And, for us in
>> the US there wouldn't be much to fear from Imperial Chemical
>> Industries, anyhow.
>OK, so how come I just got a list of their US phnoe numbers at work
>Friday? Like so many other companies, they're worldwide. Of course 
>they wouldn't care just pulling your leg (via phone line?)

Urk!! They must be like BP (British Petroleum)... you just never know where
these folks are going to turn up nowadays. 

(Where's Paul Revere when you need him?)

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