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Re: [IP] Good for a laugh...

At 06:43 AM 11/8/98  Randall Winchester wrote:
>The hard part is that my boys seem to have inherited my sense
>humor too... 
>and my wife thinks it's funny that I'm "being paid back"...  
>My sense of humor is an important part of dealing with all the 
>annoyances and stuff that go with diabetes.  After all, we were

>created with as 
>sense of humor and pronounced "good"...  and has anyone looked 
>around lately at 
>all the evidence that there are some things that were put in
>universe just 
>to make us wonder "what's that?" or maybe even just to give us
>good laugh and 
>enjoy?  Not coarse, mean laughter - but the kind of belly laugh

>that small 
>children give when they are really amused...  
>I have empirical evidence that a good dose of such laughter at 
>enjoying the 
>world really does lower your bg...

That old saying that Laughter is the Best Medicine, is really


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