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[IP] Hey - where's your dot?

     On Sun, 8 Nov 1998 email @ redacted wrote
     >Sounds like an unsolvable problem to me. My apologies for creating a 
     >new problem.  It is more important for pumping members to know where 
     >other members are. I don't need a dot.
 OK.  Enough of this colouration stuff.  I am taking this entire list to the 
 governments disabled person hurting association and having all of you arrested 
 for even THINKING of using COLOURED dots!!! 

 Hey!!  While some of you may still think you've got colour vision I've got 
 news for you: there ain't no colour in the world.  Look at a monochrome TV and 
 a colour TV and notice they are almost the same (except the monochrome TV 
 almost always has a far cleaner and brighter picture).

 All seriousness aside, I think the list is doing far more important things 
 than colour coding plus signs.

 Many many thanks to all those who work on it, all those who have contributed 
 to it, and all those who would like to displace me as longest person on list 
 on the pump (no... I mean, FIND SOME OTHER LONG TERMERS  or.... wear two or 
 three of them and we give you double or triple time (which means I've got 
 another nine months in my belt since at one time I DID utilize two pumps 

 Yerachmiel Bruchya Altman

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/