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Re: [IP] Pump Supplies in Canada

Up here in the Yukon we have excellent coverage (NDP government etc) - I 
pay the first $250 every year and then everything else is covered 
(insulin, test strips, syringes, catheters but not alcohol, glucose, 
bateries or glucagon). As far as I know there are only 2 of us on the 
pump in the Yukon Territory and I'm the only one who gets covered by the 
government (due to no private health insurance). 

I get all my pump supplies brought in by Shoppers Drug Mart. I just 
checked what the prices are up here and they are:

Lispro 10ml  $35
Sensor Electrodes  100    $105
24 3ml syringes     $76
12 24" catheters    $160

>Hello Fellow Pumpers
>I have a question I would like to pose to my fellow Canadian pumpers..
>where are you purchasing supplies and what are your approx. costs..
>The Newfoundlanders are purchasing supplies from Guardian Pharamacy in
>New Brunswick as suggested by Minimed Rep.  ... I was under the
>impression that the cost of
>supplies were wholesale prices.. but this morning I found out , I was
>paying retail prices..
>24 sets softset QQ and 24 syringes for 507C costing over 400.00
>dollars..is this pricing in line with the rest of Canada or do you have
>any other suggestions as to where we can buy supplies..
>I am going to mention this to Minimed Rep.. in Montreal.. they informed
>my educator/nurse that the supplies should not cost us more than 
>per year.. mine is cost 2000.00 per year at this rate..
>Yours in Pumping
>You can email me privately if you wish..
>email @ redacted
>Pumping 7 weeks now

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