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Re: [IP] Problem

>   I have run across a problem that has me shrugging my shoulders. I have
> a VERY High Basla rate while I sleep. I am at 1.1 while I sleep and
> usually awake about 110-170 which is not bad for me. Now the last 2
> mornings I have awoke at 265. I take a 'high' bolus as soon as I check
> my blood and down I come. So its not the Insulin. Not the site. Not and
> obstruction in the tubing which only leaves the food I eat prior to
> bedtime. The last 2 night I have eaten scrambled eggs and a link of
> sausage and a hash brown. I believe there is no counting the egg and
> sausage in carbs. Personally I am about tired of waking up and feeling
> like crap for an hour til the Bolus kicks in.. Any Ideas??


One possible explanation you might want to consider: some people find
that protein shows up in the blood stream as extra glucose maybe 6-8
hours after eating. It's to do with the way the liver processes it.
Sometimes it gets dumped in the blood stream as glucose, and sometimes
not. The medical profession seem to be split as to how, whether and why
diabetics should bolus for protein. Most don't bother. But eggs are pure
protein, so may be causing this rush of glucose in the morning.

I believe firmly that eating is what you do for pleasure, and the pump
is there to serve you. However, estimating a delayed action bolus to
cover late night protein is tricky, and setting one on, say, a 507
trickier still: you'll probably have to reprogram your basals, based on
what you've just eaten, to give you a raise at maybe 5am-7am, rather
than use a temp basal all night, which will probably send you hypo
before the protein kicks in.

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