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Re: [IP] Another pumper just made the headlines!

>      I know I don't write in very often, but I am just busting to tell
> someone.
> My son Jason has just won a medal in the State A.A.U. for the state of KY. And
> he is going on to the National in Knoxville, Tenn. on Dec. 5th. The coach says
> this is exceptional for this to have been his first year in cross country. I
> am so thrilled for him, and I know none of this would have been possible
> without the pump and the wonderful.....fantastic......intelligent people on
> this web site.
> Jason feels he finally has a life!
> Thanks to you "all" from the bottom of our hearts!
>                  Sincerely,
>                  Leisha Roberts  email @ redacted

Congratulations from far western Kentucky!  Give Jason a round of applause and 
tell him he has fans out here....  I'll be thinking of him as he prepares for 
the National... 
Randall P. Winchester
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