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Re: [IP] Compulsive Measureing

> Are you guys only talking about electronic scales?  I think the one I'm
> using is not electronic.  It's far more accurate than the postal scale I
> learned on as a kid.  Actually, my husband did the plate test when I
> brought it home (I guess that's something that those of you who went the
> hard science route learned along the way) and it passed.  Am I missing
> something?  Is there any reason an electronic scale is intrinsically
> better?  And anyway doesn't an electronic scale have to be plugged in?
> That could be a major hazard in already underspaced underplugs
> overplugged kitchen.

All scales should be tested according to this type of test.  You are really 
checking the linearity and repeatability of the scale.  Some of the more 
expensive "electronic" scales are not as accurate as the cheap Wal-Mart kitchen 
scales... Just because it has a 4 digit display doesn't mean that it is any 
more accurate than the old mechanical display.  It may have cheap electronics 
or poor design so it can sell cheaply -- it may also be designed for the way 
many of these things are used - a short "active life" and then a long time 
sitting in a drawer or cabinet...

Randall P. Winchester
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