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Re: [IP] Good for a laugh...

> Sara - who is grateful to Sam, Ted and Randall for carrying some of the humor
> load...even if they are men - and that is not meant as a sexist remark...

The hard part is that my boys seem to have inherited my sense of humor too... 
and my wife thinks it's funny that I'm "being paid back"...  
My sense of humor is an important part of dealing with all the stress, 
annoyances and stuff that go with diabetes.  After all, we were created with as 
sense of humor and pronounced "good"...  and has anyone looked around lately at 
all the evidence that there are some things that were put in the universe just 
to make us wonder "what's that?" or maybe even just to give us a good laugh and 
enjoy?  Not coarse, mean laughter - but the kind of belly laugh that small 
children give when they are really amused...  
I have empirical evidence that a good dose of such laughter at enjoying the 
world really does lower your bg...

Hope everyone's doing fine and gearing up for the holidays!  Now how many days 
do I need to skip two or three meals to get ready for the big pig-out?

Randall P. Winchester
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