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Re: [IP] Problem

  I have run across a problem that has me shrugging my shoulders. I have
a VERY High Basla rate while I sleep. I am at 1.1 while I sleep and
usually awake about 110-170 which is not bad for me. Now the last 2
mornings I have awoke at 265. I take a 'high' bolus as soon as I check
my blood and down I come. So its not the Insulin. Not the site. Not and
obstruction in the tubing which only leaves the food I eat prior to
bedtime. The last 2 night I have eaten scrambled eggs and a link of
sausage and a hash brown. I believe there is no counting the egg and
sausage in carbs. Personally I am about tired of waking up and feeling
like crap for an hour til the Bolus kicks in.. Any Ideas??


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