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[IP] Pump names

I enjoyed your suggestions for pump acronyms! True, it is hard to find anything so short and descriptive as "pump," but "PIDLI" is a great one. MIDI and POPS sounds great, too. Once I respond to a person's question with one of those names, I can wait to see if they want to follow up with a more detailed question. As I am sure you are aware, there is nothing worse than giving someone a too-lengthy response to a question like, "So how often do you have to stick your finger?" Their eyes glass over and they stop listening. It's hard to answer any diabetes question within the average person's 5-second attention span. Now they think diabetics are not only weird--with those needles and blood tests--but boring, too.
    Glad to read the posts and see that neither are true. Well, weird...maybe.
Great suggestions, everyone.
Greg, also ICI