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[IP] FYI: short tubing

After filling out the About Insulin Pumpers questionnaire, I thought I would
send this post for anyone who might be interested.  I wear a tender (D) with
their short tubing which is 31 inches instead of the 24 inch short offered by
M.  I tried all the needles and tubing when I first got on the pump.  The 42
inch tubing was too too long for me.  I tried the 24 inch and that was just
too too short.  I could not turn around in the shower (I don't take my pump
off for this).  But the 31 inch was Just Right.  Does this remind you of a
story?  I can turn around in the shower and sit on the toilet with the pump on
the floor, and it does not pull.  I am 64 inches tall so I understand why some
tall people need that long tube, but I thought I would throw out this option
for those of you who would like to go shorter, but not too short.  This is
just "for your information".  If you are happy with your tubing length, just
ignore this post.  ellen
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