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[IP] Insurer and pump selection

From: Joseph Diffee <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] look a gift horse in the mouth

Joseph Difee (email @ redacted) wrote...

"Here's another one...
    I took it upon myself to check with my insurance co. about how to be
covered for test strips (since we are now covered for strips by law).
The thing that burns me is if you don't ask, they don't cover.  Older
people, or anyone for that matter, are sure not to know this info.
Anyway, I received a letter the other day to say I can get the strips
BUT I must use a Lifescan One Touch or Sure Step!!!!  They will give me
one FREE....BUT  I love my Advantage!!!!  Am I looking a gift horse in
the mouth?!?!?!?  Should I challenge them or just be happy with what I
have?! Oh well..."

I would challenge them!!  I have challenged by insurance company on several
topics and 9 times out of ten (yes, I have challenged them more than ten
times!), my argument has been supported.  It is important to remember when
challenging them, your argument is well prepared and supported.  I once tried
the "because I want to" approach.  This was one of the few times I did not get
their support on my viewpoint and request.  Also, keep in mind that it IS a
battle.  It's unfortunate, as many of those with such conditions will attest
to, that we have to fight for our needed supports for our well-being.
Sometime, it feels like that's the way of the medical world today.

I live in Illinois, and our state just passed the legislation requiring all
insurers to cover all diabetic supplies.  I hope my insurer allows me to
upgrade to the Advantage Complete meter, as I was planning to do Jan. 1 when
this bill takes effect.  I'd be very interested to know how you proceed and if
challenged, how they react!

Good luck!!!
Steve Rosenblum (email @ redacted)

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