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Re: [IP] Hey - where's your dot?

> Sounds like an unsolvable problem to me. My apologies for creating a new
> problem.  It is more important for pumping members to know where other members
> are. I don't need a dot.
> Barbara B.

Actually, I think you do.  And I think all of the medical professionals
need a dot.  Think about how many times we get asked, "Do ya know a doc
in (insert city here) that is propump?"  I think it would be helpful to
have dots on the map that represent the medical professionals on the
list.  While the number on the list is small compared to the
propump-medical-professionals-that-haven't-joined-YET, it's at least a
starting place for people to look.  

Hats off to all of the medical professionals on this list.  Each of you
is committed to learning, participating, offering sound medical advice
off the clock :), and returning to your patients at home with what
you've gained from here.

Having separate colored dots on the map could very well direct a
pump-seeking person to a propump medical professional that they found on
the map.  I realize they'd have to ask, "Hey, who's that in Virginia?" 
But at least it helps them narrow down their search.

How 'bout it Michael?

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