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Re: [IP] Humalog concerns

Greg,  I found that adjusting the pump with exercise was difficult, especially
with a new exercise.  For instance, I would start running and I would have to
lower my basals and eat and still go low.  Now, the only adjustment I make is
raising the carb/insulin ratio in the meal before I run.  I am in much better
shape now so the activity just uses some carbs.  I'll take extra carbs if the
activity is lengthy, but I have found these fluctuations less dramatic the
longer I have been on the pump (2.5 years).
Hang in there.  Once you figure out your basals, I think your adjustment to
straight H won't be too difficult.  It is just that you have to do alot of BG
testing before, during, and after exercise to figure it all out.  Good luck.
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