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Re: [IP] Clogged tubing question


My daughter has had clogged tubing twice in 7 months of pumping. Exactly what
you described occured. BS a little high, then higher, inject insulin-changed
the infusion at 2 a.m. and checked the tubing for insuling flow. It was coming
out of the tubing so I bolused 2 units and 2 hours later she only went down
100 points, should have been more like 300. I disconnected the tubing and
tried top bolus again-no insulin coming out now. White stuff at the end of the
tubing near the infusion. Change tubing-solved the problem. For people on a
low basal rate-Megan is .2 at night it would take a long time to get on
occlusion alarm.

Luckily this does not happen very often and we always change the tubing every
7-8 days. This one clogged after 6 days.

Hope this helps

Judy C.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/