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Re: [IP] Do we have to call it a pump?

There is already an acronym to handle this (almost)

CSII continuous subscutaneous insulin infusion
we just need to add the last word (or have the last word.. heh... 

CSIID device
CSIIP pump as it is now

there must be a great many possibilities. Think of how is sounds

CSIID sissiy D
the next one could be sissy pee

Come on Sam, I've given you an opening, I expect some good stuff on 
this one...!

> << However, if you just want to make it
>  sound more impressive, how about: 
>  Mobile Insulin Delivery Infuser (MIDI)
>  Primary Infusion Medical Enabling Device (PIMED)
>  Insulin Pusher Gizmo for Infusion Sets (IPGIS)
>  Pressure Operated Portable System (POPS)
>  Portable Infernal Device for those Lacking Insulin (PIDLI)

Michael <email @ redacted>
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