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[IP] Surplus Supplies

  Well, the Accucheck strips and the Tegaderm have already been "sold" to the
highest bidder ( just kidding), but came across the following items also not
being used by Melissa who prefers the "less is more" approach to pump

1) 2 boxes..50 each..of Bard protective barrier film

2) 1 box of 100 Smith & Nephew high MVP transparent dressing...also called op
site IV3000

3) one Minimed sport guard (still in original package & never used)

4) one box of 200 E-Z Ject colored lancets....which tells you how often
Melissa DOESN'T change her lancets since the date on the box is from over 2
years ago!!!

5) an unopened box of 100 B-D alcohol swabs...which still leaves us with
another 200!!!..yet another item she rarely uses!

6) last - but not least...7 bottles of Velosulin..which will expire in June

Now is this an endorsement for insurance companies NOT shipping out supplies
for a year's worth of use or what?????.....We neither have the same insurance
we had when she first started pumping, nor the same supplier.....We also have
comfort/tender insertion sets from the days when they DID differ from the
Minimed silhouette, but after hearing all the horror stories about getting
supplies via Home Medical/Minimed, I think I better hang on to those as "back-
up" for now!!!!

Anyway, I'll be splitting the Tegaderm between Judy C. and Sheri for their
daughters and Tonya's getting the strips.  My husband will mail those out from
the office Monday, so whomever responds first for the abovementioned items is
welcome to them!!! I normally hate seeing things go to waste ( my kids use to
complain that I'd donate their toys if they didn't play with them often
enough!!!) but I particularly object to hearing the outrageous insurance
practices some of you have to contend with to obtain pump supplies, when I've
got these things sittting here needlessly, because Melissa happens to have
changed her preferences!
    be sure to e-mail me your complete snail-mail address if you'd like any of
these items.....

Regards, Renee
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/