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Re: [IP] Do we have to call it a pump?

Bob wrote:
> So, in that spirit, here are some descriptions I've used while traveling
> through airports or standing in line at the supermarket:
> TWHOMB - Thing Which Hangs On My Belt (you actually have to say this to
> appreciate the simplicity of it.)

Yes, but you have to be very careful in your pronunciation.  Slight
mispronunciations have sounded similar to another commonly known word
"bomb", in which case the "TWHOMB" becomes a "HIDKTTWSA" - Hey I Didn't
Know That Thing Was So Aerodynamic! - often preceded by a loud yelp when
the infusion set is ripped from your abdomen, then followed by a call to
your insurance company to see if you remembered to have it covered by
your home owners policy.  :)

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