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[IP] Hey - where's your dot?

Okay gang,

It's me again to bug you about filling out The Form.  :)

There are currently 697 members that belong to this group.  Wow!  That's
impressive!  What's not so impressive is the apathy show by the majority
of you.  Shame, shame.  No wonder diabetes advocacy is pitiful if this
group is representative of the diabetic (sorry, people with diabetes)
population.  Hey, about 100 of us have filled out the form and the rest
of you haven't.  Why not?

Don't know where it is?  Go here:  http://www.insulin-pumpers.org then
click on the blue icon in the upper left-hand corner that reads "About
Insulin Pumpers".  Scroll down past the graph, past that speckled map,
and click on that yellow icon to "fill out an insulin-pumper information
form".  You'll be walked through it step-by-step.  Print this message if
you can't remember the steps.

Worried about the information you give?  Guess what - no one knows it is
you.  The information is compiled by the trusty robot and spit out on
all those nifty charts Michael put together.  What nifty charts?  Go
back to the "About Insulin Pumpers" page and scroll through it.  There's
a lot of interesting information THAT COULD BE HELPFUL TO MANY PEOPLE.  

We have all gained valuable information and insight from this group. 
Give back a little - spend 5 minutes and fill out the form.  Pretty
please???  C'mon - do it right now if you tend to "get around to things"

If you have trouble, e-mail IPSupport (sorry IPGOW <vbg>) at:
email @ redacted

I do not mean to offend anyone; please take this message in the
light-hearted way it is intended.  But seriously folks, the more people
that fill out the form, the more accurate the results will be.  That
page is intended to be used by pumpers and wannabie-pumpers alike. 
Current pumpers know how liberating a pump can be.  Let's help others
gain accurate, in the trenches, knowledge about pumping.  Fill out the
form!!!  If you do, you'll get your very own dot on the map (unless you
live outside the US; you people are SOL).  :)

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/