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Re: [IP] Do we have to call it a pump?

Frank mentioned the "blank stares" which airport security personnel give
you when you refer to it simply as a "pump". I've also found this to be
true. I don't like blank stares from people. There are times when I
actually like to hear the sirens and alarm lights go off, watch everyone
run around, trying to find the appropriate chapter in the "How to be an
Airport Security Person" manual, trying to figure out how to handle this. I
love it when they get on their radios and call headquarters - "Captain,
we've got a live one at gate C20" <vbg>.

So, in that spirit, here are some descriptions I've used while traveling
through airports or standing in line at the supermarket:

TWHOMB - Thing Which Hangs On My Belt (you actually have to say this to
appreciate the simplicity of it.)
PPNPP - Personal Portable Nuclear Power Plant (gets me through waiting
lines *very* quickly. Good for movie theatres, not so good at airports.)
TIM (SWCTMH) - That Is My (Say Whatever Comes To Mind Here) - spontaneous,
good for parties, tricky at airport security gates. Good judgement is
always needed when using this general description. If you're not careful,
it could end up being TWM (SWCTMH) - That *Was* My (Say Whatever Came To
Mind Here).

When all of these options are either un workable, not wise, or potentially
dangerous, I simply call it an "insulin pump". Works for me ;-)

Sam wrote:

><< However, if you just want to make it
> sound more impressive, how about: 
> Mobile Insulin Delivery Infuser (MIDI)
> Primary Infusion Medical Enabling Device (PIMED)
> Insulin Pusher Gizmo for Infusion Sets (IPGIS)
> Pressure Operated Portable System (POPS)
> Portable Infernal Device for those Lacking Insulin (PIDLI)

Bob Burnett

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