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Re: New to the group? was: Re: [IP] Re:Michael and Sam

At 04:16 AM 11/7/98  Bob Burnett wrote:
>There's no need to wait - chime in now :-) Everyone's feedback
>important to the group - it's what makes this forum so
>Without waxing poetic here, you're "experienced" from the
>you start
>thinking about pumping - that's when the whole process starts. 
>We've all
>"been there, done that". As Sam said, all our experiences are 
>So, step right in here - ask some questions, share where you've

>been, where
>you'd like to go. It's always a story worth telling :-)

Bob is right of course... my statement was more about relaying
actual pumping experiences. But all of your pre-pump questions
will always be welcome... I certainly had a case of the
pre-hookup jitters last May. Remember, we have all been through
it, so this is the perfect place to ask. Don't be shy... step
right up to the plate and post your questions. 

(There is no such thing as a dumb question...)

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